Experience our thrills and passion, at the heart of the Zaërs region while dicovering a local estate full of character, a unique wineyard and the world of our cellars.

Over a century ago

Created in 1908, La Ferme Rouge is an estate in the agricultural sector, dedicated to the cultivation of vines and olives. Built in 1933 among vineyards and olive trees, the winery has fully been restored. Mixture of original architecture and modernity, La Ferme Rouge cellars are entirely dedicated to our passion for wine. As early as 1998, the first efforts have revolved around fixing and reorganizing the farm. Soil revival, addition of composts rich in organic matter, implementation of a vast water network through the estate, drilling rainwater and groundwater retention and storage basins, uprooting of the old vines, soil mixing in an effort to restore their permeability, elimination of untimely plowing, thus leaving way for all forms of natural micro-fauna, revival of old plots, planting new grape varieties suited for this type of soil and climate, and suited to the philosophy of producing wine with atypical grape varieties.

A Unique location

La Ferme Rouge enjoys a unique location at the heart of the Zaërs region, highly praised among the great historical wine regions of Morocco. Positioned about 45 km from the ocean, bordered on the west by the valleys of Wadi Korifla and on the south by the foothills of the Middle Atlas, La Ferme Rouge rises in a succession of hills at 450 meters above sea level and enjoys a strong Atlantic influence all year round. From the rich Merchouch platter clays, to the filtrating "Tirs" slopes of the Rommani region, through the "Hamris" Had Brachoua valleys, this continuous 300 hectare ​​vine estate enjoys a rich and exceptional soil : ancient sands, red clay at 30-70 cm from the soil, clay ferric on clay-limestone subsoil and shale. A great terroir and many elements conferring the finesse, structure and character strength of La Ferme Rouge wines, reviving a historically praised estate.

A wine producing vocation

More than ever, through a family’s hard work and great commitment, La Ferme Rouge revolves around the wine production world with its reconstructed vineyard, its restored cellar, a unique terroir, its winemaker philosophy and its history anchored in contemporaneity. From trimming to green harvesting, our wine gets established in the vineyards all year round. Harvesting is done manually and cooled after going through the sorting and de-stemming tables, the grapes are pressed, not crushed, in small open thermo-regulated concrete vats. The grapes are hand picked, and daily pumping is performed during the fermentation process, in order to favor a gentle extraction. La Ferme Rouge Wines benefit from traditional savoir-faire as well as modern oenology skills.

To achieve great wines, you need a perfect synergy between a unique terroir, a suitable vine and passionate men.

La Ferme Rouge’s history is intimately coupled with Morocco’s contemporary wine history. The estate’s current configuration was mapped in 1908. The cellar was built in 1933, when the first vintage was produced. La Ferme Rouge finds its role as a grape producer through the 1970’s. It was not until 2001 that the entire estate regained its original identity and entity. 2009 launched the Estate’s wine production renaissance, while remaining in strict compliance with La Ferme Rouge’s native architecture; the winery, the cellars, the production and storage facilities were carefully restored in order to start wine production again.

The richness and diversity of our grapes, a balanced viticulture, and a perfect blend of traditional expertise and modern oenology symbolize the noble spirit and the unique identity of La Ferme Rouge Vineyard.

The vineyard whites, through light South West facing slopes and over ancient clay and limestone sand, is scattered with white limestone rock fragments. Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Viognier, among the vineyard whites, tap into shale for all their subtleties and aromatic complexity. Syrah, Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Marcellan, Malbec, Merlot, Arinarnoa and Petit Verdot embody the red wine grapes, while Grenache and Cinsault make up for the gray and rosé wines; they are ideally suited for our ‘Tirs’ 'and' 'Hamris' soils.

Our estate

La Ferme Rouge enjoys a unique location in the heart of the Zaërs region, a highly
praised historic place among the great wine regions of Morocco.

"Without healty, living soil there is no sustainable viticulture, and much less local terroir wines."

Here's Jacques Poulain’s Challenge, with his team: to develop and raise a unique wine that carries up the great spirit of La Ferme Rouge, within their fully restored cellars, while reviving the dignity of this unique vineyard, located at the heart of a long forgotten terroir.

Jacques Poulain